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OCTOBER 22, 2020

Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty — Critics Say Too Late and Far Too Little to Match Scale of Deadly, ‘Evil Scheme’

By Jake Johnson

The Trump Justice Department announced that Purdue Pharma — the notorious maker of OxyContin — has agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges for its role in the opioid epidemic and pay $8.3 billion in penalties, punishments that critics panned as too late and far too little to match the scale of the corporation's deadly and "evil scheme to push addictive drugs for profit."


FDA Lets Pfizer Test Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine on U.S. Children

Pfizer becomes first company in U.S. to include children in Phase 3 COVID vaccine trials


UC Barred From Taking Action Against Students or Employees for Not Getting Flu Shot Until After Hearing Date

Judge reschedules hearing for Nov. 4


Press Conference: Response Brief Filed in Landmark Case Against FCC

Watch the press conference from Wednesday regarding the response brief filed in the landmark case against ...


Air Pollution Kills Babies

Nearly 500,000 babies died within one month of their birth because of air pollution in the last year alone.


Gates Grows Global Ag Empire, Expands Large-Scale Biopiracy

Choosing the path of diversity and life, as opposed to the violent path of monocultures and destruction ...


Video: RFK, Jr. Launches Children’s Health Defense Europe in Berlin

August 29 proved to be a landmark day in the history of the health freedom movement ...


Fluorinated Chemicals in Drinking Water Affect More Americans Than Previously Estimated

Peer-reviewed study estimates more than 200 million Americans could have PFAS in their drinking water.


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