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NOVEMBER 17, 2020

Top News of the Day

Media Hypes Moderna’s COVID Vaccine, Downplays Risks

By Children's Health Defense Team

For the second time in a week, news of a “promising” COVID-19 vaccine sent global stock markets on a joy ride and triggered an avalanche of positive news stories which, for the most part, avoided any killjoy questions about vaccine safety or transparency.


Cyber War Declared in U.S. and UK to Quash Vaccine Hesitancy as Nations Prepare for Inoculations

News organizations and journalists who raise legitimate concerns about Operation Warp Speed will be ...


Pfizer Vaccine 90% Effective Claim Unsubstantiated by Peer-Review Journals and WHO

Can the public afford to trust vaccine companies who deliberately withhold information and data and have ...


CHD Files First Amended Complaint in Lawsuit Against Facebook

The amendment details allegations about how Facebook accomplishes its censorship of CHD's page through its surrogate "fact-checkers," who are neither ...


New Research Adds Evidence That Glyphosate Disrupts Hormones

Evidence suggests that Roundup, Monsanto’s well-known glyphosate-based herbicide, can alter the biosynthesis of the sexual hormones.


DC Council Votes Today on Law That Would Give Vaccine Decisions to Kids 11 or Older 

Children could consent to vaccines without parents’ permission, while insurance companies, vaccine ... 


Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Abandoned After Public Protests + More

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