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Watch this important video from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel of Children’s Health Defense, to learn why “It’s Time to Follow the Science.”


Dear Friend,

Don’t let your guard down! While it may appear that mandates are being lifted, our federal government still hasn’t ended the Emergency Powers Act. Our nation is at a critical crossroads, making it more important than ever for people to follow the science.

“It’s Time to Follow the Science” is a new campaign from Children's Health Defense that presents the latest science behind the COVID vaccine and masks.

Together, we can overcome the censorship we're experiencing from the majority of mainstream media by using our voices to influence and educate others within our communities, school boards, state legislatures and within our social circles. 

Recently, the Biden Administration announced its intent to ensure children of all ages receive the COVID vaccine: 

“We must get a vaccine approved for the youngest children,” President Biden said in his recent Statement on the White House COVID-⁠19 Response Coordinator.

With no emergency in children and risks that far outweigh the benefits from the vaccine, we must stop this aggressive and unethical push on our youngest kids. 

FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) has a meeting scheduled for April 6 to discuss vaccine needs relative to specific variants and COVID-19 vaccine boosters, including when they should be given and to which age groups.

The committee announced they will not be voting at the April 6 meeting. But it’s only a matter of time before another meeting will be scheduled when they will vote. 

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, there has been a vaccine-only agenda and it is continuing. The youngest children will certainly be the next age group to be targeted, with a push for mandates for school entry to come in the fall. There has never been a more important time to get involved in sharing information to educate others. 

“It’s Time to Follow the Science” 
This campaign involves the latest science on the COVID-19 vaccine and masks. Take time to review the studies and data that we’ve compiled. We have the science, we have the resources—now all we need is you!

There are several ways you can get involved and be a superspreader of truth in your community and online. Select the image below to learn more about the campaign and to download the materials—flyers, videos, social media memes and stickers. Be a defender of truth and get this information out to the masses!

Pushing the COVID vaccine on healthy children—or fourth doses of ineffective shots on people of any age—are only attempts to enrich the pharmaceutical industry and others who stand to profit.

It’s time our government officials admit that none of the COVID vaccines are effective.

It’s time our government officials acknowledge the injuries and deaths that are being reported at alarming rates. 

It’s time our government stops putting profits before people. 

It’s time our government officials follow the science!
Please join us and be a defender of truth, freedom and justice!

Thank you,
The Children’s Health Defense Team


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