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"TRUTH" Episode 10— RFK, Jr. Interviews Alec Baldwin

In Episode 10 of our “TRUTH” series, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and actor Alec Baldwin had an in-depth discussion on the current status of public health and COVID-19 including vaccine clinical trials, flu deaths, the lockdown, Dr. Fauci and more! 

(All episodes can be found on CHD’s website and social media, and on the CHD Channel found on Peeps TV, a network on Roku.)


Health Freedom/Human Rights Rally in Berlin!

A Letter From a Friend in Germany 

Dear Mr. Kennedy and CHD,

As you have already heard, there was a massive protest in Berlin August 1, 2020. People – normal people—concerned citizens, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, doctors, lawyers, business owners - streamed to Berlin by the hundreds of thousands—the official numbers from the police were 800,000 to 1.3 million, with 2-3 million people in the general vicinity.

Health freedom was a big part of the protest —  more and more people are waking up to the fact that they do not want to be guinea pigs for Gates’ experimental vaccine. But it was also mainly about our freedom and human rights, against draconian measures put on us by the government, against lockdown, social distancing and masks.


Vaccines and Autism—Is the Science Really Settled?

By J.B. Handley, CHD Contributing Writer, Founder, Generation Rescue

The “Tobacco Playbook” is alive and well, and it’s been both perfected and expanded in the fight to obfuscate the truth about vaccines and autism through the propagation of what’s called “distracting research” and, whenever necessary, outright lies about the science that’s been published exploring this topic. What’s actually true?

Almost no science has actually been done, and what little has been completed has been done with a singular focus: exonerate vaccines. 


July 2020: Injured Kids, Society Costs

By Anne Dachel, CHD Contributing Writer, Age of Autism Editor, LossofBrainTrust.com

There is still a dearth of any real news on special education and autism in U.S. schools, but not so in Britain and Ireland where the press reports constantly on big time increases in special education spending. July stories from the U.K. were all about more funding and more provisions for students with complex special needs. The British national government has approved 37 additional special schools across England, and that’s only the beginning.

The truth is the U.K. government has to do this. They have no choice. Local county councils simply can’t pay the enormous cost of sending students with critical special needs outside their home areas to school. The government has to come up with funding and it’s adding up to be billions.

One might ask why everyone is so compliant. Why doesn’t anyone demand to know why all this is necessary?


Report: Hundreds of apps have hidden tracking software used by the government

C. Scott Brown, Android Authority

A new report from The Wall Street Journal exposes yet another concerning development when it comes to mobile phone tracking. According to the report, at least one federal contractor puts government tracking software in over 500 mobile applications.

The contractor — a Virginia-based company called Anomaly Six LLC — pays mobile developers to include its in-house tracking code within their apps. The trackers then collect anonymized data from our phones and Anomaly Six aggregates that data and sells it to the US government.

It sounds crazy, but it’s happening. What’s more, it appears it’s totally legal.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Joins Brian Rose on London Real

Vaccines, censorship, contract tracing, face masks, the shocking side effects from the recent Moderna Vaccine trials, and the mania around testing positive for COVID-19 are just a few of the topics Brian Rose and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discuss in this honest, open interview! Watch the entire interview or "grab and share" individual clips on specific topics.


The real Covid-19 threat

Professor Carl Heneghan, published in The Spectator

Daniel Kahneman called it anchoring; I call it tunnel vision. It’s when we depend too heavily on our pre-existing ideas and first pieces of information – the anchor – to inform our judgments. How a problem is perceived, how it is described, how it makes us feel alongside our individual experience and expertise shapes the decisions we make. Anchoring ensures emerging evidence is ignored. Even in the face of this new contradictory evidence, we refuse to change our early decisions.

When it comes to Covid-19, the real threat is not the disease; it’s how we react to the emerging information.


Never has a virus been so oversold

By Lionel Shriver, published in The Spectator

There’s nothing unprecedented about Covid-19 itself. The equally novel, equally infectious Asian flu of 1957 had commensurate fatalities in Britain: scaled up for today’s population, the equivalent of 42,000, while the UK’s (statistically flawed) Covid death total now stands at 46,000. Globally, the Asian flu was vastly more lethal, causing between two and four million deaths. The Hong Kong flu of 1968-69 also slew up to four million people worldwide, including 80,000 Britons. Yet in both instances, life went on.

What is unprecedented: never has a virus been so oversold. Why, I’d like to sign on with Covid’s agent. What a publicity budget.


Nanotechnology plays major role in COVID-19 vaccine development

By News-Medical.Net 

From mRNA vaccines entering clinical trials, to peptide-based vaccines and using molecular farming to scale vaccine production, the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing new and emerging nanotechnologies into the frontlines and the headlines.

"Nanomaterials are ideal for delivery of antigens, serving as adjuvant platforms, and mimicking viral structures. The first candidates launched into clinical trials are based on novel nanotechnologies and are poised to make an impact."


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