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New TRUTH” Episode with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

In the second episode of our second season of “TRUTH” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Mr. Kennedy interviewed life coach and internet comedian J. P. Sears.  The two had a lively and thought-provoking conversation that centered on several themes relevant to the COVID crisis including:

  • How censorship leads to totalitarianism and the importance of the First Amendment
  • Children’s Health Defense’s lawsuit against Facebook
  • Keeping a healthy attitude in troubling times
  • The toll on human life from deaths of despair vs. the coronavirus
  • The physical and societal impacts of mask mandates
  • The consequences of living in fear 

(All episodes can be found on CHD’s social media, and on the CHD Channel found on Peeps TV, a network on Roku. Roku is accessible from any Smart TV and can be purchased separately for older TVs.)


Covid-19: Do Many People Have Pre-Existing Immunity?

By Peter Doshi, Associate Editor, BMJ

It seemed a truth universally acknowledged that the human population had no pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2, but is that actually the case? Peter Doshi explores the emerging research on immunological responses and T cells.  Below are some excerpts:

“The immunologists I spoke to agreed that T cells could be a key factor that explains why places like New York, London, and Stockholm seem to have experienced a wave of infections and no subsequent resurgence. This would be because protective levels of immunity, not measurable through serology alone but instead the result of a combination of pre-existing and newly formed immune responses, could now exist in the population, preventing an epidemic rise in new infections.” …

“A group led by Sunetra Gupta at the University of Oxford has arrived at similar conclusions of lower herd immunity thresholds by considering the issue of pre-existing immunity in the population. When a population has people with pre-existing immunity, as the T cell studies may be indicating is the case, the herd immunity threshold based on an R0 of 2.5 can be reduced from 60% of a population getting infected right down to 10%, depending on the quantity and distribution of pre-existing immunity among people, Gupta’s group calculated.”


Apple’s Big Surprise — No New Products Include 5G Compatibility

By Dafna Tachover, Director, CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project

This year, the big surprise during Apple's annual mid-September launch event wasn’t what new products they were offering, but what the new products didn’t offer — none of the new Apple devices include 5G compatibility.

A year ago, Apple reached an agreement with Qualcomme to buy its 5G modems and hired all of Intel's 5G modem department employees. Clearly, the absence of 5G adaptability in its products is not the lack of necessary technology and analysts. So, why didn’t Apple launch its 5G products this fall?


Federal Judge Rules Against City’s Cellphone Radiation Warning Law

By Nathan Solis    

[CHD Note: A major defeat for public health and a sobering precedence was set Thursday, as the deep pockets of the tech industry and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) won again. In 2015, the city of Berkeley passed a carefully crafted “right to know” ordinance that required retailers to warn customers about cellphone radiation, using the language which is used in the phone manuals and reiterated the FCC warnings. The case got to the Supreme Court and despite winning in the 9th Circuit twice, it was returned to the district court which ruled that because of the FCC's 2019 December decision that reaffirmed its health guidelines, the Berkeley ordinance is preempted.

Children's Health Defense sued the FCC for its 2019 decision and its case is in the US Court of Appeals of the DC Circuit. ]


Lawsuit Filed Against Pharmaceutical Giant Merck on Behalf of Young Man Allegedly Injured by Gardasil

By the Children's Health Defense Team

The law firm of Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman filed a lawsuit Wednesday against pharmaceutical giant Merck on behalf of a young man, Zachariah Otto, who was allegedly injured by Gardasil, Merck’s HPV vaccine. Baum Hedlund accuses Merck of knowingly and recklessly placing Gardasil’s profits ahead of patient safety. The team is asking for punitive damages to deter Merck from withholding information on the serious adverse events associated with Gardasil while promoting it as “safe and effective.”


Extreme Weather Events Cause Public Health Nightmare as Politicians Remain Cozy With Big Energy 

By Jeremy Loffredo

Wildfires have ravaged more than 5 million acres across California, Oregon and Washington state. So far, the fires have killed 35 people, destroyed more than 6,000 structures and forced more than 60,000 people out of their homes.

Even people well outside of these three states have been negatively impacted, with residents reporting hazy weather conditions throughout the country, including in New York City. Smoke from the fires has reached as far as Europe, with hazy yellow smoke visible in the sky in Germany.

The smoke is creating hazardous air quality, with people in Oregon, California and Washington state living with dangerously unhealthy air that is — literally — off the charts.


The Polio and “Non-Polio” Shell Game in Africa and the U.S.: 
2020 Update

By the Children’s Health Defense Team

The World Health Organization (WHO) admits that oral polio vaccines are giving African children polio but hasn't said a word about the annually reported tens of thousands of cases of acute flaccid paralysis (AFP), a debilitating condition with a clinical picture virtually identical to polio. 

In the U.S., childhood paralysis may not be documented on the same scale as in Africa or India, but it has attracted notice. In countries that use the oral polio vaccine, the CDC has no problem acknowledging that AFP is associated with vaccine-derived poliovirus. In the U.S., however, the use of another type of polio vaccine has allowed officials to frame the story very differently. The CDC has assiduously avoided mentioning one iatrogenic (medically induced) cause that is staring the agency in the face: 70 years of published studies along with manufacturers’ package inserts documenting a trail of polio-like symptoms (ranging from myelitis, numbness, pain and limb paralysis) following vaccination. 


Washington Post Is Right That 5G Is a Lie, But Wrong About the Reason

By Dafna Tachover, CHD Director, 5G & Wireless Harms Project

The promise of increased speed with 5G is a false hype that is meant to divert consumers’ attention away from our Orwellian reality. It keeps our eyes fixed on our phones and obsessed with buying even more wireless gadgets, which began as a sophisticated marketing strategy purposely called “smart” while instead making us dumb.


Community and World United, 'We Say No'!

By Children's Health Defense Team

Children’s Health Defense is proud to stand with over 50 organizations and  23 countries as we work together to pushback on medical mandates, unsafe vaccines, and increasingly totalitarian governments.

In the coming months, these issues will be front and center in discussions around the world as people decide whether to cling tightly to their freedoms or blindly follow whatever edicts are put in place by corrupt government officials and profit-driven corporations.

The making of this video was accomplished through the teamwork of organizations and individuals who will not stand by and watch liberty be stripped away from citizens little by little until total tyranny reigns.

Please join us in standing up and demanding that our individual and medical freedom rights are forever protected. The time to be courageous is now.

Please share this video far and wide. #WeSayNo   #StandFirm

¡Míralo con subtítulos en español!


Special Replay Weekend of 'Vaccines Revealed'—All Nine Episodes Available!

By Children's Health Defense Team

For decades Big Pharma has controlled and manipulated the media to keep the truth hidden. 

  • They’ve silenced and shunned whistle-blowers…
  • They’ve repressed scientists who question the safety of vaccines…
  • They’ve revoked the licenses of doctors who dare to question the connection between vaccines and autism…
  • They’ve bribed politicians and government officials.  

Enough is enough. It’s time to change that. It’s time to uncover the truth and take back our health - not just for ourselves but for our children as well. 

Vaccines Revealed 2020 is a compelling docu-series featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, immunology and natural health, this series uncovers the whole, shocking truth.

All nine episodes are available for viewing starting tonight at 9:00 Eastern through Sunday at midnight. Register now to receive a link to watch all nine episodes or catch up on the ones you've missed.


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